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Get your Zen On

Starting to lay the rock down.

Starting to lay the rock down.

Yesterday Plum Bottom Pottery got two Japanese Zen Rock Gardens. I’m really excited about these gardens. They’re gorgeous! I think it will be a great place to display some of the outdoor work that I’m planning to work on – fountains, sculpture etc. Yard Beautiful helped enormously with the installation(and of course Angela:) The gardens add a whole new dimension to the woods and perennial gardens in front of the gallery. It feels very welcoming and adds a serenity that’s hard to describe. We found stones in the woods here at Plum Bottom beautifully covered in moss that add an ancient quality to gardens. The gardens try to follow traditional Japanese design principles – with the idea that less is more.

I plan on slowly adding more of these gardens to the gallery grounds over time. As I start to carry more sculpture I think these little rock oases in the woods will be ideal for displaying all sorts of media. So, this summer if your looking for a little zen – stop on by and spend a few quiet moments in the Ancient Zen Gardens of Plum Bottom.



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Meet Becky Wood

Becky_7879-2 Becky is Plum Bottom Pottery’s summer intern. Becky is an industrial design major at the University of Wisconsin – Stout. Becky has done work with the folks at IKEA in Scotland and hopes to gain more experience in jewelry design and gallery management during her time here. She hasn’t done much work on the potters’ wheel, but I’m sure she’ll give it a try before it’s time to go back to school. So, come on down to Plum Bottom and meet the newest friendly face in the gallery.

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Batch 0′ Chalice

chalice_7876 I’ve been working on these large Chalice’s for the past two days. I haven’t made this style for probably two years and have put a twist on my last design with the texturing of the base. I like the aggressive texture on the base vs. the fluid bowl shape on top. I’m hoping to have these done by the opening I’m having on June 26th.

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Back in the studio

This weekend was Angela’s Trunk Show here at the gallery. Lots of nice folks stopped by to see Angela’s latest jewelry designs. One of her latest necklaces is pictured below. Now it’s back to work in the studio for me. I’m hoping to get out another kiln firing for the big KNOCK event on June 26th so I better get to work! Not quite sure where this series of pots may go – maybe that’s why it’s hard for me to get in front of the wheel today. Nothing like a blog post to waste a little time.

Lensch Necklace

Lensch Necklace

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New Pots!!!

I know it’s hard to believe but here are the images from my firing of over a week ago, you can click on the images for a larger view. It seems I got lost raking leaves for a week – I’ll try not to be so remiss in the future. The last image is of a shino teapot – it’s a new shino that I am playing with. The dark areas are spots of carbon trapped in the galze which gives it depth and variation. The rest of the images are from my oxidized firing with a slow cool period for crystal growth. The colors are bright which was one aspect I tried to achieve. I will post other images in the coming days of some of the crystalization that happened with some of the work. It’s pretty interesting. You can see images of  all the new work on the Current Work page of my website. Hopefully in the next week I’ll be officially launching the new website so keep an eye out for an email or postcard announcing the site.

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Leif’s New Friend

We ran into this little guy doing the finishing touches on our spring cleaning. The next step is to start getting the stone for our Japanense Zen Rock Gardens.

You'll never know what you'll run into at Plum Bottom Pottery!

You'll never know what you'll run into at Plum Bottom Pottery!

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Golden Heart Awards


It’s been a busy week. After working for two weeks to get two kiln loads of pots glazed and fired it was time to go to the Golden Heart Awards. I was asked to create the awards for the event which was held at Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay, WI. The event honors outstanding volunteers in Door County, WI. I was more than happy to be part of the event and was excited to tackle the challenge of creating unique one of a kind awards, something I have not done before. I ended up making six sculptural forms, based loosely on a heart shape then glazed with my copper red glaze – with accents of brushwork in various spots. I think the recipients were pleased with the way they turned out. The guest speaker at the event was an former Green Bay Packers running back – so it was a trip to see my sculptures being handed out by a former professional football player – if I can get a photo I will post it. Thank you to Holly Feldman for asking me to create the awards.

This weekend was also the Door County Potters’ Guild Annual Pottery Studio Tour. This is also the first time Plum Bottom Pottery opened for the season this early. Angela and I worked hard cutting more branches down in front of the gallery to open up some views to the prairie. We rented a wood chipper and chipped up all the cedar branches for the path that leads to the gallery. Mmmmmmm, it smells good. We also decided to take some of my sculptural wall platters and hang them outside the gallery. It was nice to add some color to the front of the building.

I promise to post new pictures fo the kiln firings soon – it’s just been kinda crazy around here.

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