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Lorri Acott-Fowler Sculpture

Lorri_Acott_Fowler_8206This is one of Lorri’s sculptures that is currently on display here at Plum Bottom Pottery. She works in bronze and fiber clay creating beautifully expressive figures. This sculpture in particular looks great in the zen garden nestled in among the stones.

It’s a day of rest here at Plum Bottom after the big party for Knock Magazine on Friday. The gallery and studio was packed to the brim. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get them.


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Door County Trolley Visits

Trolley_7947 The Door County Trolley visited Plum Bottom and brought lots of friendly visitors for demonstrations and a tour! It was a lot of fun demonstrating for the folks visiting Door County from all over the place. After the demo I gave them a tour of the glaze room and kiln building. I had just finished firing a reduction kiln so they got to see the pots stacked up in the kiln – good timing. I’m not used to having so many people in my studio, but they all managed to just fit.


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Another Early Morning. . .

Today the alarm went off at 5am to get the kiln started in earnest, alas it was not to be. I finally rolled out of bed at 6am and got things rolling. I’m spending the morning catching up on my beloved Green Bay Packers and the news in the world – seems to be a lot going on these days, I suppose there always is – Iran in particular has caught my attention.

Today I will once again fire in oxidation. I will try to avoid the uneven kiln firing I had last time I tried an oxidation firing. I will also experiment again with slow cooling the kiln in hopes of producing more crystalline surfaces on the pots. The reduction firing I did last Thursday went well – I have a really nice group of pots for the Knock Magazine event Friday, hopefully the firing today will yield some more interesting work. After my next kiln adjustment I am going to escape over to the Jacksonport Bakery for a quick bite to eat. I highly recommend the Bakery for their outstanding breakfasts. I love spending Sunday morning there sipping on coffee, reading the paper and enjoying the sunshine.

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First Firing for Knock Event

Back StackFront Stack

This is a picture of the new porcelain work before it was fired yesterday. I can fit two stacks of pots in my kiln, so I snapped pictures of both the front and back stacks. This is the first of two firings I am doing for the Knock Magazine event here at Plum Bottom Pottery on Friday, June 26th at 6:00pm. Since there were some pots that needed to be refired, I took it slow and started the kiln the day before and then really got things going yesterday around 5am. It was great to be up that early, usually I go back to bed in between kiln adjustments, but yesterday I stayed up and did some writing and made myself breakfast. It was a really nice morning. The kiln is slowly cooling today and I will unload tomorrow. Once these pots are unloaded I will load another group of work and fire again on Sun. It’s going to be a busy week here at Plum Bottom getting ready for the big event. I hope to see lots of folks here on the evening of the 26th!

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Life’s a Bowl of Cherries

cherriesIt is my birthday today so I thought this was an appropriate breakfast for the day. It’s a beautiful day here, 70 degrees and sunny with just a light whisper of a lake breeze. I won’t be enjoying the sunshine as much as I would like to though as I will be inside glazing today, tomorrow and the next day! The KNOCK Magazine event here at Plum Bottom on Friday, June 26th is fast approaching and I want to have a new body of work out for the event. Here’s sneak peak at some of the sculptural porcelain pieces I am working on.

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Iris Bowls

Pale Lavender Iris

Pale Lavender Iris

Iris Bowls

Iris Bowls

Last year a women from the southwest came into the gallery and after talking for a bit, she mentioned that she raised Irises. I mentioned my proclivity for the flower and a month later a box full of Iris bulbs came to my door! They were planted with love last year and the first has bloomed. I must say that this bloom is one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. It is a very pale lavender/blue almost white, and the petals are thin and translucent (almost like porcelain.) I love this blossom so much it has inspired a new line of porcelain bowls that will be coming out of the kiln the end of June.

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Website Officially Launched!

Yesterday I officailly lauched I’ve had some really great feedback. It’s also been really nice to reconnect with folks I haven’t seen for awhile. Thank you to everyone for leaving your comments and compliments. If you’re signed up for my mailing list I’ll shoot an email out when new work has been posted on the website(every six weeks or so.) Until then keep the comments coming and thank you again to everyone for your encouragment and support.

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