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New Porcelain Work

Here’s a peek at a couple of the porcelain pieces that came out of the kiln(click the pics for larger images). I got really nice copper reds. I also have been experimenting with the above black and cobalt blue glazes. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the results. You can see the majority of the new pieces on my website On Friday I am off to Penland School of Craft for my week long class with Jeff Zamek. It’s a class on glaze chemistry, I’m hoping to get a better understanding of the raw materials that go into glazes t gain better control over my glaze colors and textures. I’m excited for the class but also excited to go back to Penland. I studied there with Cynthia Bringle for two months about two years ago. I also want to see Nick Joerling, an old friend who does beautiful ceramic work. With all the potters and artists in the area I’ll be like a kid in a candy store. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a few pictures while I’m gone to keep ya’ll updated as to what I’m learning. Angela and Becky will be holding down the fort here at Plum Bottom Pottery so the gallery will still be open everyday 10-5pm.


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Glaze Monkey

New work about to be glazed.

New work about to be glazed.

Carbon Trap Shino

Carbon Trap Shino

Time to get back to glazing! I leave for a glaze chemistry class at Penland School of Craft in a week and a half so I need to get some new work out into the gallery. I’ve been working on new textured mugs and a new style of tumbler. New work should be out in the gallery by Aug19th. I will have about 100 new porcelain pieces to display. The pictures above show some of the new bisque work that is about to be glazed. I also wanted to show a picture of a new carbon trap shino glaze I have been working with. I really like the variation I get with the carbon trapped areas and the contrast with the bright orange of the non-trapped areas. You can expect more of these colors in the new work.

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