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Nose to the Grindstone

Copper Reds

Copper Reds

New work is in the gallery. 110 new porcelain pieces found their way into the gallery here at Plum Bottom. After getting back from Penland School of Craft it was a bit of a challenge to get back to work in the studio. I just put my head down and started working. A month later some nice pieces came out of the kiln. I really believe sometimes the most important thing in your work evolving is to do just that, work. It was a valuable lesson to not judge the work too harshly while in process and be thankful for an opportunity to express myself creatively – even if at times there is more struggle than inspiration.


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A Few of the 350 Test Tiles

The Joy of Test Tiles!

The Joy of Test Tiles!

It feels good to be back at Plum Bottom after being at Penland School of Craft. I spent over a week mixing and testing different glaze combinations. I really wanted to get a feel for the individual raw materials that go into glazes. After a few days of lecture by Jeff Zamek I developed an idea to mix 350 different glaze combinations to gain knowledge into this arena. Nancy O’Neill a fellow potter out of Washington D.C. thought “The Project” sounded worthy of her glaze mixing skills and lent her insight and expertise in this enormous undertaking. Truth be told, it was a bigger project than first anticipated, so much so that I am still waiting for half of the results to be shipped to me. A misfiring of one of the kilns while at Penland forced me to leave without all the finished tiles. What I feel this study gave me was a better understanding of the materials that make up the majority of glazes. This knowledge will lead to the development of my own palette of glazes that I hope to begin experimenting with this winter. Some of the fruits of this labor will hopefully start to be seen next spring on the newest line of porcelain work. So with that I’m back to work in the studio.

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