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New Plum Bottom Pottery Facebook Page

Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog for the past couple years. I have decided to upgrade my website and part of that upgrade means that postings that I would normally post here  will post on Plum Bottom Pottery’s new Facebook page. You can like my Plum Bottom Pottery facebook page by clicking here. I will be able to post more often on facebook and I think I’ll also be able to get more video and images online that way.  Also the brick and mortar Plum Bottom Pottery store will be opening for the season on May 1st with new artists and new work. We’ll be open everyday from May-October from 10-5pm. See you soon!


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Wood_9447 This is about 4 Cords of firewood that will keep me warm through the long harsh winter of Northern Wisconsin. Actually the wood stove that I installed about two years ago has done an amazing job keeping the studio nice and toasty. There is nothing worse than working in clay in a cold studio. All this wood means that Plum Bottom Pottery is now holding Winter hours which are Friday and Saturday 10-4pm. If the snow is blowin’ you may want to call ahead and make sure I can get the road clear, but more likely than not I or Angela Lensch will be there. Thank you to everyone who stopped by Plum Bottom this summer and fall – it was a tremendous year and I’m already excited to get back into the studio and start work on next summer’s line of work.

I will be firing the kiln in the next week. I’ve been working on some new oval casseroles and teapots perfect for the upcoming winter months so feel free to stop on by and see what’s new. The new work will be in the gallery Friday, Nov. 27th – the day after Thanksgiving.

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Firing with Joe

Back into the glaze room for a firing with Joe Singwald. Joe is a potter working down in Algoma, WI. He studied with Randy Johnston at UW-River Falls as has his masters from Utah. We decided to split as kiln load and see what happens.

Things here at Plum Bottom are starting to wind down after a very successful season. Lots of new work and new ideas were explored over the summer and fall. I look forward to retreating to the solitary studio for the winter months to try my hand at some new ideas that have been rattling around. It becomes harder to experiment and keep things one of a kind as you find success with certain forms and glazes. The temptation is to lie back and enjoy the fruits of what you have accomplished. I really want to keep pushing myself right now – as uncomfortable as that may be. We’ll see what happens.

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Nose to the Grindstone

Copper Reds

Copper Reds

New work is in the gallery. 110 new porcelain pieces found their way into the gallery here at Plum Bottom. After getting back from Penland School of Craft it was a bit of a challenge to get back to work in the studio. I just put my head down and started working. A month later some nice pieces came out of the kiln. I really believe sometimes the most important thing in your work evolving is to do just that, work. It was a valuable lesson to not judge the work too harshly while in process and be thankful for an opportunity to express myself creatively – even if at times there is more struggle than inspiration.

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New Pots

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! I went to the fireworks in Sturgeon Bay – beautiful. I thought I would post some pictures of my last two firings that I did back to back. I had some really nice results with the carbon trap shino I’m working with, as well as some nice surprises working with blue and black together. Those two colors really play off each other nicely. You can click on the images above for a larger view. I’m already planning another firing in a couple weeks. It is the busy season here in Door County, so I’ve already gotten back to the wheel and started making.

I also would like to invite folks to sign up to receive Plum bottom Pottery email updates, if you go to you can sign up right on the homepage. Once on my list I’ll let you know when new pots are posted on the website, as well as notifications for all the big events here at Plum Bottom.

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New Pots!!!

I know it’s hard to believe but here are the images from my firing of over a week ago, you can click on the images for a larger view. It seems I got lost raking leaves for a week – I’ll try not to be so remiss in the future. The last image is of a shino teapot – it’s a new shino that I am playing with. The dark areas are spots of carbon trapped in the galze which gives it depth and variation. The rest of the images are from my oxidized firing with a slow cool period for crystal growth. The colors are bright which was one aspect I tried to achieve. I will post other images in the coming days of some of the crystalization that happened with some of the work. It’s pretty interesting. You can see images of  all the new work on the Current Work page of my website. Hopefully in the next week I’ll be officially launching the new website so keep an eye out for an email or postcard announcing the site.

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